Serene Green Pick a Plant

 The searing summer heat hasn’t spared anyone or anything. People, animals, and yes, plants. Annu Grover, who runs Nurturing Green, a plants-as-gifts enterprise, says, “If you go to a nursery these days, hoping to get yourself a lovely looking plant, you’re in for disappointment—there are virtually no flowering plants, and the heat has caused a lot of varieties to shed their leaves.”



Now of course Annu, who says he has a fixed cost of Rs3 to 4 lakh a month, cannot afford to let the rise in temperatures cause a dip in his sales. Happily, he has found a solution that has not only delighted many hearts, but his own pockets, too!

A Breath of Fresh Air
“What we’ve done is sourced hardy perennials from China, Thailand, Taiwan and Holland. They look beautiful, flower throughout summer, and even after the flowers fall away, they stay alive and well all year round.” This idea was the result of intense R&D and several consultations with vendors and experts, since last year this time, summer sales hit a worrisome low for Nurturing Green.

“Now, the going is good. Sales at the Select Citywalk Mall in Saket, New Delhi, have been brisk. People find our plants a great way to do up their homes, office interiors, green mementos, corporate gifting, employee birthdays, and much more.” says Annu.

We’re also offering beautiful summer flowering plants such as Anthuriam, Ficus, Pachira Microcarpa, etc. for gifting, so that our clients don’t miss their roses and lilies during this season.” says Annu.



Seasonal Highs and Lows
Summer always sees a jump in enthusiasm levels as far as building kitchen gardens and green balconies is concerned. This, says Annu, is great news for a business like his, which thrives on peoples’ desire to showcase lovely plants in their special spaces.

“On the whole,” says Annu, “both peak summer and peak winter see a sharp fall in the sale of plants, because plants are delicate things, and most don’t stand up well to extreme temperatures. “

But being the passionate lover of all things green and beautiful, Annu says he and his team are working to find solutions to seasonal challenges, “and one day, I’ll fulfill my dream of putting a plant in every hand!”

The Seed of the Idea

A few years back, when Annu was studying management in Austria, a friend gifted him a zodiac plant. In love with the gift, he decided to return to India and give a green makeover to the Indian retail gift industry.

In 2010, Grover started Nurturing Green, a plant gifting venture that sells various types of plants such as zodiac plants, bonsais, exotic plants, stress-buster plants, etc. in fancy pots made by poor women artisans.

Business Summary

Investment: Rs5 lakh
Business model: B2B delivery and retailing
Current Value: Rs4.5 crores and three retail stores across NCR.
Coming Up: Nurturing Green’s new summer-happy product: environment-friendly T-shirts, made from organic cotton.


Prices: From Rs 100- Rs 45,000
• For General Public: Rs 100- Rs 1500
• For Green Enthusiasts: Rs 500 - Rs 45,000
Stores: Sahara Mall
Types of Plants available: 
Anthunam, Ficus Money Tree, Zodiac Plants, Lucky Bamboo
List of Clients: Toyota,, Hotel Claridges, Noida Golf Course, and many more
Website: www. Nurturinggreen. in