Cake Decorating Business

 In India, there are hundreds of cake shops those make and sell cakes. Here, the business idea is different from them. Cake decorating business owner is a person who himself is an expert in cake decorating and may run his business solely or in collaboration with cake shops. In the latter case, revenue generated can get shared between the cake shop owner and cake decorating business owner.

The skills
Expertise requires knowing all the nitty-gritties of cake making and decorating. This expertise can be gathered from a professional course or by working with noted chefs.

“The business is rewarding and satisfying too. One should come into this business if s/he feels the 
urge,” Abhishek Trehan, Celebration Cakes & Flowers.

How it was done

Manjit Trehan a retired professional was the man behind Celebration Cakes & Flowers. He started the cake decorating and making shop in the year 2009. Abhishek kumar, son of Trehen is the successor of the cake business who started his career in a domestic call center. At the office parties he used to wonder how people get amazed by the beauty of decorating cakes. He worked on the idea of cake decorating business and started working with one of his friend who owns a cake shop. After some time he acquired the essential skill required to run a cake decorating and making business and joined his father’s business. Mr. Kumar believes cake is the most important part of any party celebration and so they choose the name of his business as Celebration Cakes & Flowers.

Investment - Rs 5-6 Lakh
Avg. Break even - 3 years
Margin - 20%