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How to Become a Doctor
 The basic or degree level qualification for a medical profession is MBBS, which is of five and a half duration including one year internship.    Professional occupations, such as general physicians/surgeons, dentists, registered nurses, and physical therapists, usually require at l
How To Make A Resume
 If you are in the job market the question how to make a resume or how to write/update your existing resume is likely to be one of the first things that comes up.  This step-by-step guide will show you how to make a resume - if you follow these steps and refine the result using the rest of the site you will soon have a resume that's a good showcase for you in the job market.   How to make a resume - step-by-step   1. Get a
Waste Paper Business
 Waste paper is not “waste” after all. It is a flourishing business that is now attracting big players Be it newspapers, magazines, bills, memos, diaries or notebooks, they all land with the scrap dealer after being used. But what happens after that? Well, after that the waste paper changes several hands before reaching the recycling mills. The paper is then de-inked, made into pulp and again into paper, before it reaches the m

If you cut your hair, shave your beard and still be a Sikh?