Courses and Career Prospects in Astrology

 No special education, background or talent is required to make a career in Astrology 


No special education, background or talent is required to make a career in this field. What is required is a little bit of time with willingness to learn the nuances and secret principals and rules of astrology. Excellent communication skills, counseling skills and ability to garner trust help in building a strong foot hold in this industry.
Astrology can be complicated to learn since there are many levels to astrology. You can opt for a foundation course first and then follow with the diploma and degree level depending upon your interest.

The main branches of Astrology that we can study are Mundane, Synastry, Horary, and Electional. Mundane astrology talks about the day to day world and people. While Synastry determines congruency between two individuals. Horary is the branch that predicts an outcome based on nothing more than posing a question and erecting an astronomical chart for the time the question is asked and concluding an answer based on the essential elements in the chart. Electional concentrates on electing good times for various days or occasions like launching a company, getting married or some other inaugural functions.

Future Prospects

There are good opportunities for people who have in-depth knowledge of their subject. Astrology is more of a freelance job; people set up their own units. With the Internet, astrology portals on web are quite happening, for everybody wants a quick answer to their futuristic situations. Money is not an issue if you are excellent at counseling and client building.