How to get into Merchant Navy

 Find out the procedure of getting into Merchant Navy


A merchant navy aspirant can do the 3-year B.Sc (National Science) course or the 4-year Marine Engineering course at the TS Chanakya, Mumbai and Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI), Calcutta. The first is a navigation discipline course while the second is an engineering course. The eligibility is class 12 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Admission is through the IIT Joint Entrance Examination. Application forms can be obtained from Chairman, JEE of any IIT and some designated banks. Application forms for TS Chanakya and MERI are available from: 
Director General of Shipping, Jahaz Bhawan,
WH Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai.

Candidates have to be unmarried Indian citizens (male or female). After clearing the test, there is an interview and a medical test. Normal vision is required but glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 may be allowed. There are some private institutes which offer training for merchant navy as well. These institutes prepare students for jobs such as deck cadets and marine engineering jobs. Look out for notices in the local newspapers for the courses conducted by private institutes.

To become a deck cadet: If you have missed the opportunity to clear the IIT-JEE, the alternative is to do a training to become a deck cadet from a private institute. Some of these institutes have contacts with shipping companies, which normally recruit deck cadets directly. The limitation is that one may not have as fast a promotion that may be offered to a regular marine engineer or a graduate in nautical science.  

Skills Required

·         Should be good in a crisis

·         Should be good at conceptualizing forms and figures

·         Should be physically fit

·         Should be tough and adventure loving

·         Should be willing to take up a lot of hardship, risk and responsibility

·         Should be able to put up with long and strenuous working hours, boredom and loneliness

·         Should also be prepared to endure the long periods of separation from family and friends

·         Above all, should love the sea