Individual preparation helps: IAS officer

 What are an IAS officer’s main responsibilities?

The IAS, as the administrative arm of the Indian government, is responsible for management of regulatory and development works, with officers in strategic positions throughout the country.

The principal responsibility of an IAS officer is civil administration, planning and formulation of policies and their implementation.


There are many institutions imparting coaching for the Civil Services Exam. How helpful are these?

My personal view always has been that until the main examination, individual preparation that suits one’s schedule is more useful — except for the personality test. A short-duration course in a coaching institution helps one gain confidence, soothing pre-interview nerves. Mock interviews help one gauge how others are faring.


What are the negatives plaguing the service?

The immense variability of factors associated with working in the bureaucracy, inadequate accountability charters, curbs on independence on some occasions, erosion of command and control on subordinate personnel for creating desired performance pressure, lack of transparency in the work procedure owing to archaic systems, red-tapism leading to reduced motivation and cynicism.


What are the challenges facing the IAS? What is its future as a profession in the country?

Emergence as a performing, professionally competent, objective and conscientious service in the country remains the foremost challenge for the IAS. The growing number of brilliant students trying to join the services should be seen as a positive indicator of the necessity of continuing this service.