Enrich your personality with judging people correctly

 To reach the highest pinnacle of success we must have the ability to judge people correctly. Sometime due to lack of understanding people correctly we are unable to give them their due treatment, which is not correct. We should try to understand people who come in our contact and should talk and behave with them accordingly. Respecting the wicked and ignoring the intelligent is not only harmful for our own self but it is also against human culture. If we want to become successful in life we must judge people. It has been emphasized in holy books that we must behave in a desired manner. We have the treasure of trust and respect, but we should not waste it on anyone who is not worthy of.

 Psychologists believe that many times we face failures in life because we are unable to judge people correctly. Generally we see that many opportunities slip from our hands simply because we are able to judge those people correctly who associated with us. The cause of many disputes is this that we fall to deal with people in proper way. A poet has tried to depict trust and intensity in relationships in this way-- Nobody will even shake hands with you If you embrace people without consideration It is a strange type of city maintain distance when you meet people.”

You should not open the reservoir of your trust on your friend or anyone else. As far as possible we should keep the important secrets of life to our ownself. You never know at what point of time in life a friend may become a foe or may join hands with people who are plotting against you.

It is useless to believe and hope that everything that happens will be good. For this we have to exert and do necessary efforts. Nobody has the right to be happy unless and until he does his duties properly. God transforms a seed into tree but to sow it and water it is our responsibility. We should have a positive farsightedness in our decisions otherwise we will have to face failures on many fronts. Do not leave anything on fate; rather ensure proper completion of task by making preparations and organizing things properly. 

Nothing is going to work out if you blame fate, others or circumstances. Take decision after thoroughly giving attention to your personal matters. Consider all aspects of the given situation and weigh its pros and cons to enrich your personality.

In your personal matters only you can take right and reliable decision and everyone is capable of doing it, after all why will others be interested in your welfare? When Angulimal (A character in Indian story who kills the people and wears the garland of fingers of those person) was in search of man who would number thousand, after killing nine hundred and ninety nine people, Lord Bhudha presented himself before him. Angulimal was so impressed by him that be broke his pledge of killing people. He fell at the feet of Budha and swore never to kill anyone in future. When people came to know that Angulimal had pledge not to kill anyone, they threw stones at him to take revenge of his previous murders. Angulimal did not attack them even when he was going to die.

If we want to be truthful towards our own self and become better, then we will have to become trustworthy and we will also have to find such people for ourselves. It is desirable not to change your words, live up to your promises, and try to complete your work in given span of time. Believe in justice for all. Avoid favoritism. The most important sigh of a reliable man is his stability. We must take special care to develop our character and our capabilities,. Your character will become more powerful if you have faith in yourself and you depend on your natural capabilities. In this way unworthy/undeserving people will become all the more inferior and unimportant for you. All the conspiracies will turn into ashes before your honest and impressive personality.