How to get well on your Job?

 Being human, an employer wants value for his money. He also wants the best possible people in the key positions of his business. The best people, in his eyes, are those who give him most value for his money. Make yourself valuable to your employer and you are well on the way to promotion.


If you want to get on well in your job, therefore, carry out the following suggestions faithfully and you cannot fail to impress your employer.

Always be conscientious. See mat you do not rob your employer in any way. Be punctual. Consistent lateness is daylight robbery. You are paid to be at your business for certain hours. See that you are there.

Secondly, don't waste his materials. This may be done by thoughtless appropriation for one's own purposes, or by bad, careless workmanship which causes waste.

Third, don't waste his time. Countless hours are wasted every day by employees who gossip, make private phone calls, do personal jobs, extend tea-breaks and lunch times, and leave before time.  

Lastly, do your work to the best of your ability. Your employer expects that from you. He engaged you on that assumption. Shoddy, third-rate work is a form of pilfering, and ill becomes anyone who claims to be a moral being.

Improve yourself in every way. Dress appropriately for the job. See that you look tidy and clean, at least to start the day, even if your work involves gelling dirty.

To Impress Your Employer take an interest in your work. Find out why you do what you do. Know something of the history of your job, your trade, your profession, your firm. Visualize its future development.

Be willing. Employers like people who are willing to undertake some new job, to take on new responsibilities, to do something in addition to their actual duty. Willing people make the lot of me business executive so much easier. They ensure the success of any enterprise. Willingness enhances the value of any employee. It is a priceless quality to be manifested by anyone aiming at promotion.

Be cheerful. Cheerfulness is closely allied to willingness and is equally valued by employers.

When promotion is considered, it will go to the cheerful rather man the moaning employee, though the latter be more proficient. Cheerfulness makes us likable. Cheerfulness puts people on our side. Like willingness, it puts us on the royal road to advancement.

Acquire relevant skills. If you see that certain skills will help in the more efficient execution of your duties, make it your business to acquire those skills.


Would typing help you? Then learn to type. Shorthand? Then master it. Public speaking? Begin to master it.

Look ahead, too. What skills are possessed by your immediate superior? You will not rise to his rank easily until you, too, have those